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WebCon Organization Structure 5.0

WebCon Organization Structure is an excellent solution for...

WebCon Organization Structure is an excellent solution for WSS's 3. 0 users. It expands default functionality of SharePoint browsing, searching and employees' presentations.

Moreover it extend user profile to all necessary business information and makes it more clear and helpful. Organization Structure also offers two-way synchronization with Active Directory users database.

This solution is package of the most important options with users management in SharePoint. Organization Structure offers showing user account details and searching for the person I n organization hierarchy in clear and simple way.

Thanks to possibility to present hierarchy in organization as schema of users it helps new employees to find feet in company structures. Hierarchy graph with photos and the most important information makes integration and co-operation in company easier.

We know from our experience that the view of the organizational structure is one of the most basic functionality used by employees (SharePoint's users).

It is a proper area for a new employee to accustom to the organizational structure. Moreover, here the manager is able to find needed information about subordinates immediately.

Employee searchThanks to search component now is possibile to find person by searching for the name or surname of person. User profileStandard user profile contain only basic information like: email address, job title or phone number.

Presentation of this data is also very unreadable and useless. Thanks to WebCon organization Structure user profile can contain company position information, personal details and picture of user.

It is all necessary information connected with user that can be collect in one place. What is more important this data is showed in clear and readable way.

Two-ways synchronization with Active DirectoryBig problem with managing user account data in Windows Sharepoint Services 3. 0 is impossibility to synchronize database of users and theirs accounts details with data in Active Directory.

During adding user to SharePoint profile details are taken from Active Directory. Unfortunately changes in details of user account in SharePoint are not visible in Active Directory and vice versa.

To change e-mail address or other information connected with user you have to do this in SharePoint and in Active Directory. When number of users in your organization will grow this problem can be very time-consuming element of user policy.

However WebCon Organization Structure offers two-ways synchronization between SharePoint and Active Directory fully automatically! New users added to AD will be added to SharePoint site collection autoatically.

Process of adding users to WSS can be configured. It is possible to choose OU (Organization Unit) from Active directory or create filter to transfer only users with email.

Moreover transferring process can be managed in simple way from SharePoint Administration Site. Next great feature of Organization Structure is connected with managing of users accounts in SharePoint.

All modification of user profiles in SharePoint will made in the same time in Active Directory. This solution help you save time and make managing of user profiles data easier than ever before.

Additionally, scheme with photos allows to better employees' identification with the company. It breaks anonymity (especially in huge, multidepartments corporations).

WebCon Organization Structure


WebCon Organization Structure 5.0